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Having a marshmellow fight while dying easter eggs. Used to do this all the time when we were all younger ♡ #childhoodmemories #congratsashlie #babyvest #kevinfailed #marshmellowfight
Walking the track with everyonr ♡ @alexslas @_free_samples_  @vestkevin @lips_like_whiskey @meat_ball92. Doinh a mile more each time we come. #workingout #friends #motivation
♡ flash was to bright lol
Goodnight everybody ♡♥♡ happy 5th anniversary mi amor #idrathergoblindthantoseeyouwalkaway #disneyland #younglove #stitch #disneylove #disneycouples
To end our night.  We came to Norms ♡
Our balloons ♡♥♡ They were not being very nice and calm. And this younnnng couple decided itd be funny to hit the balloon into my head and push me -.- I was more shocked than anything and the douchey boyfriend was just laughing. So rudeeee. Didnt let that ruin our day ♡♥♡ #disneyland #balloons #rudepeople #anniversary #fiveyears
sounds about right (: which made me alice
Did a which disney character personality test and I got Alice. I will post the definition
Shadow picture with our second light up balloon and world of color hat ♡♥♡ had a great day today. Thank you bubby for an amazing day. Happy 5 year anniversary ♡
Pineapple floats with my love ♡♥♡cheers to five years #anniversary
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